Hello Community!
I'm aware that skyverse was recently shutdown and was said to not be opening due to lack of activity. I'm here to clarify that the prompt was infact real at the time but I have decided to keep the [NEW] server going. Yes, that's right, skyverse will be coming back, and it wont be anything basic or the same type as the old server.
The new server will be revolved around skyblock as normal. SkyVerse will now have 'seasons' every 1-2 months and we are going to give away 100-250$ USD dollars to the top-islanders! We are also going to have weekly challenges and more! The theme of the server will change every season. We will have a new server logo and icon, along with more unique and custom features.
SkyVerse is going to be opening in late may due to development time. We have hired professional developers who will be helping skyverse 24/7 and are the ones who are going to make all of this possible.
Everything will be shutdown and removed until future notice. Staff have already been decided apon, and are ready to start answering any questions needed about skyverse.

The website and server address will be shutdown for a while for maintenance.
More information will be provided near opening.

Best Regards, Koldx.