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Discussion in 'Helper Application' started by Koldx, Dec 21, 2017.

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    Dec 18, 2017
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    What is your name (Last, First)?
    What is your in-game username?
    How old are you?
    What time zone do you live in?
    Are you multilingual? If so, in what languages?
    Have you ever been kicked/muted/banned on this server?
    At what level would you rate your maturity (10 being most mature)?
    How many hours have you spent on this server?
    What past experience do you have at being a staff member?
    What advice would you give to someone who had to deal with someone younger than them?
    Are you able to record?
    Why do you want to be a staff member on this server?
    Why should we accept your application over others?
    How many applications have you made before?
    Any additional information?
    1. You and another player are having fun around the server until a hacker suddenly comes along "bhopping" around you. What would you do?
    Note: You are not staff yet.
    2. You are a helper at this point and you are playing with your friend(s) but they ask you to get items for you from creative, what would you say/do?
    3. A player is saying someone is hacking while you are online, but you aren't quite sure, what would you do?

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