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    Hello Commanders!

    Unfortunately, on all servers there's going to be instances of players not following the rules. SkyVerse appreciates the efforts to report these players so that the server can remain a fair and safe place to play.
    Below you can find the format to report players, please answer these questions in your post when reporting a player so that the matter can be resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    - Your in game name:
    - In game name(s) of accused:
    - Type of report:
    - What occurred:
    - When did it take place:
    - Screenshot or video evidence/Other type of evidence:

    Please be honest and specific as possible!
    If you don't have evidence you can bring forward witnesses who also saw the occurrence.
    If you have neither: NO ACTION WILL BE TAKEN.

    Thank you for helping to keep SkyVerse a fun and safe place to play on and good luck on your adventures, Commanders!
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